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Encouraging Women to Code

Into my email came yet another note from a woman asking about the call for a women’s coding workshop I had forwarded to a listserv. I didn’t know much about […]

Federico Moriera - Cabina salvavidas

Asking For Help

A few months ago, a blind man boarded my bus and the driver explained to him which seat was open. The man thanked him, sat down and told the driver […]


I Want a New Story

This morning when President Obama addressed the nation because of the mass shooting in Orlando, I daydreamed that in the middle of his speech he would stop and say: “You […]

Measuring What Matters

These days, organizations have a lot of information coming at them and it can be hard to see clearly through the spreadsheets, dashboards and data visualizations. It gets difficult to […]

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Energy Efficiency for Five-Year-Olds

  On a hot day in August, my seriously adorable five year-old nephew Ezra tried to turn on the television. His slightly more serious but equally adorable seven year-old brother […]

History Class at Tuskeegee, 1902

Learning How to Learn

Why should you spend this one wild and precious life doing coursework? What will that offer you? Why study? Why take classes? Why get a degree? Is it because you […]