About Me

I’m a writer, researcher, ethnographer and social scientist. I’ve always been fascinated by how organizations can bring people together to accomplish big things.

As an academic, I honed my skills in as many research methods as I could. From quantitative to qualitative, social network analysis to ethnography and design thinking, there’s a lot in my toolkit.

My experience is broad. I’ve worked in a variety of industries from construction to energy and higher education to sportswear. Consulting clients range from small nonprofits to scientific labs and teams within large corporations.

My clients have in common a desire to find information that gives them insightful results.

To learn more about my background, here is my Professional Bio, my Curriculum Vitae and a list of talks I’ve given.

Topics I get geeky about

  • Green building and sustainable design and construction
  • Energy policy and the electric grid
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Narrative practices
  • Ethnography for Everyone
  • Sociology and social theory
  • Data visualization and storytelling
  • Nonprofit organizations and social change
  • Alternative organizational forms
  • Heterarchical organizations
  • Egoless leadership.

For fun!

  • I write
  • I’m a storyteller
  • I hike, knit, travel internationally and do aerial yoga/silks.
  • I volunteer at the Dougy Center a place for children and families to grieve.
  • I hold the rank of shodan (first degree black belt) in Aikido, a Japanese martial art.